Is PrEP available right now?

Right now PrEP is available in two ways: from providers who are willing to prescribe it; or by joining a demonstration project or another type of study.

For more information on how to talk to your provider about PrEP, see the specific question below.

A demonstration project will begin recruiting participants at the San Francisco City Clinic in September 2012, and other similar projects are due to begin in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami before the end of 2012. People who join such studies will not only potentially help themselves from becoming infected with HIV, but will also help us learn important things about how to provide PrEP in normal everyday settings. You can read more about the San Francisco demonstration project here.

Even though the FDA approved Truvada for PrEP, it is likely going to take some time for providers, clinics, AIDS service organizations, and STI clinics to figure out how to offer it. We will do our best to keep tabs on where and how PrEP is available and make that information available on this website.

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