I’m a gay and bi man and/or trans woman; does PrEP work for me?

Yes. Research shows that PrEP works for HIV prevention for gay and bi men and trans women. To note again, in the clinical research world, researchers use the term “men who have sex with men” (MSM) to describe gay and bi men, trans women, and others who were born male and who have sex with men but who may or may not identify as gay or bisexual. The clinical studies often lump these groups together.

In case you’re curious to know more about the research, the  iPrEx study compared Truvada with a placebo pill in nearly 2,500 gay and bi men and trans women in six countries. All of the participants also got safer sex counseling and condoms, regular sexually transmitted infection (STI) check-ups and treatment, and HIV testing.

When the researchers compared people assigned to take Truvada with those assigned to take the placebo, they found that people who were given Truvada had lower HIV infection rates compared to people who were given placebo. When the researchers took it a step further and looked only at people with detectable levels of the drugs in their blood (a sign than the medication was being taken regularly), they found that transmission dropped by as much as 92%. Further analyses indicate that drug levels corresponding to daily use are associated with 99% protection against HIV.