I never use condoms; is PrEP right for me?

People don’t use condoms for a lot of different reasons. You might be in a monogamous relationship, or you know your sex partner shares the same HIV status as you, or you don’t like the way they feel, etc. If you never use condoms, are HIV-negative, and are concerned about your HIV risk, then PrEP may be a good HIV prevention option for you to consider.

There are other options available too. Some people seroposition by being the insertive (top) or receptive (bottom) sexual partner, serosort by partnering with people who have the same HIV status, reduce the number of people they have sex with, use female condoms, have sex with HIV-positive partner(s) with undetectable viral load(s), and/or use PrEP. Some methods are more effective than others depending on a variety of different factors. It all depends on what you find works best for you and how comfortable you are with different levels of HIV risk.